c o m p u t e r         v  
              o         i  
        s     u         r  
        p     t a b l e t s
s       e     e         u  
m p 3 p l a y e r         a  
a       k             k l  
r       h e a d p h o n e  
t         r             y    
p   m o u s e           b    
h                       o    
o     w         w e b c a m  
n     i                 r    
e     f                 d    
    m i c r o p h o n e s    


Take a look at the crossword puzzle above to try and understand what digital learning is, and choose the best answer from the following three choices:

  1. Digital learning is something that only smart people engage in.
  2. Digital Learning is something that mainly technology teachers use.
  3. Digital Learning uses a variety of technology that many people can learn.

Although people who use digital learning tools are considered to be smart, and technology teachers do indeed use digital learning tools with their students, the best choice is the last one, because digital learning uses a variety of technology and tools that many people can learn in their own time and at their own pace.

Digital learning takes learning to a whole new level by having individuals engage with technological devices in new and innovative ways, from using a computer tablet to play games that strengthen a student’s concentration skills, to using a webcam to interact with students during class, digital learning is a fun and innovative way to interact with others using digital devices and technology.

Although digital learning uses a different format, and is still very different from learning in person, individuals can still rely on the expertise that technology teachers, instructors, and other professionals implement when using technology.