Election Day is on November 3, 2020 this year, and the right to vote has never been more important.  Voting means that you are making your voice heard about issues that are important to you, and can include everything from having fair and equal hiring practices when you look for a job, to good schools and education, and even the right to have healthcare and a powerful plan of action as we traverse and manage to get through this health crisis, which has affected millions of people around the globe. 

Having fair elections means that people can go out and vote and not be worried about whether or not they will face criticism, or have their vote not count on Election Day.  It also means that people who are not able to vote can still safely vote from the comfort of their own homes, as some people who have been affected by illnesses may not be able to physically go out and vote.  This is where absentee and mail-out ballots for voting come in, as they can be safely mailed out from the comfort of your own home once received.  This ensures that, even for people with disabilities or who are suffering from illnesses who cannot be present, that they can still have their voice heard by mailing out the voting ballot to be counted in the general election.  This is important for a candidate who is running for election to support, as it shows they are being supportive and considerate of all people. 

A candidate who is running for president should also be a good role model, or someone to look up to, and will set a good example while running for this important role.  Since the country is currently facing a severe health crisis that has seriously harmed or severed the lives of millions of people, the president that our country elects would be expected to have an excellent plan of action on how to deal with the current health crisis we are facing.  It is also important to note what causes and issues are most important to the candidate who is running for office, and how they will uphold and stay true to those promises they are making to the people of the United States.  It is also very important to note how the candidate supports social organizations and programs that are meant to help the American people.  This can include long-term funding for programs like social security, which helps older adults to live comfortably in their homes if they are not working, to supporting after-school for working families to send their children to.  It is also important to note whether or not aid is being offered to the people, or with the expectation that it will have to be paid back, such as in tax breaks that gives you more money in your paycheck, but that eventually has to be paid back.  Not cool. 

Somewhere down the road, you may need the programs and plans that are either being supported by the candidate or not, so go out and vote for the best candidate who looks out for the American people in his or her actions, words, and keeps their promises to others they work with, along with the American people.