The sound of a crumpled up piece of paper and some inaudible, barely heard discussions was all that was heard from the school director’s office, as students and instructors flurried by, trying to get a glimpse of what had just happened. Here’s the story. Around ten years earlier, a young 15 year old teenager named Stephanie was taking classes at her local junior high school, and became the target of bullying when some of her classmates found out that she wore a rather visible hearing aid around her ears at all times. After Stephanie was kicked, called names, and taunted for her disabilities during her junior high school years, she became sad and often cried, while trying to confide in her close family and friends, who were fully supportive of her and the harsh situations she sometimes experienced.


Now, ten years later, a crumpled up piece of paper that was a job application is being tossed into a trash can by the school’s director after a young woman named Tonianne walked into the school, looking for a job, and taking her time filling out the job application.  Tonianne is dressed nicely, and wants to speak with the school director about job opportunities. As she walks in, she sees someone very familiar leading a classroom of students back to their room, and says hello, reminding them of who they were.  Who is this new person that just walked in, looking for a job?

It’s the bully from junior high, looking for a job in the neighborhood. So, as Tonianne says hello to her familiar classmate that she teased mercilessly all those years ago, Stephanie walks right past her, with her class, and upon hearing Tonianne say hello, Stephanie reminds her that she was a bully towards her, which makes the group of students that Stephanie is walking with very, very interested! Stephanie then walks back to the classroom with her students, and tells them all about the bully, as the children sit down and listen to her with bright eyes and anticipation for all that she has to tell them.

Now it’s around dismissal time.  It’s time to go home for the day, and the school  director, Ms. Nicole, is very interested in learning more about this new person that came in looking for a job; and not just any job, a teaching job working with kids!

As the children are walking past Ms. Nicole’s office, with their instructors leading them, Stephanie is then called into the office, and is hesitant to talk about what happened in the past, when she was bullied by Tonianne back in junior high school.  As she slowly starts to retell the true stories of how she was taunted, bullied, and made fun of by Tonianne, others can barely make out the indistinct conversations that are going on in the office, behind a closed door, and a crumpling is heard as the bully Tonianne’s job application is swiftly thrown into a waste basket, never to be considered for a job because she was once a bully. So, as we see, the effects of bullying does not only count for the moment; it follows you as you grow up too, and try to make a life for yourself in the world. In this case, it cost Tonianne the bully a new job because she made fun of and tormented Stephanie, and probably others, in the past back in school, and was trying to make a new name and reputation for herself.  So, as we see from this example, being a bully can affect your job in the future, and the ability of people to like and trust you as a person.