As families and loved ones gather around the table to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, it may be difficult to imagine things to be thankful for, considering the state of the country and the health crisis we are currently experiencing. These events have not only shaken our lives, but have changed the way we live on a daily basis.

Here are some Thanksgiving Day holiday tips and traditions to share with your family and others:

1. Make a Thanksgiving Wreath: Making a wreath can be done by collecting some artificial leaves and berries from your local arts and craft store, along with decorations to use, and arranging them together to make a wreath.
The wreath can then be displayed in your home, or outside, to celebrate the Thanksgiving season. Classes can also teach others how to make a wreath.

2. Cook a family meal according to size: A Thanksgiving meal can be a small rotisserie chicken and some sides, as many smaller families sometimes find it very laborious to cook an entire four-course meal. Make sure the food will be appreciated by all, and cook according to family size and preferences.

3. Volunteer your time at a soup kitchen or for a worthy cause: By volunteering, others get to see and experience what the Thanksgiving holiday is like for those who are less fortunate than themselves, and get to make a real difference in the lives of others. Talk to a local volunteer organization to see how you can safely get involved in making Thanksgiving meals for others. Also, volunteering may help others to have broader perspectives on what life is like for other people, and may help them to appreciate all that they have.

4. Decorate mason jars and fill them with your favorite things: Mason jars are canisters that are used to hold food, such as sliced lemons, strawberries and fruits, beverages, candy, and other assorted treats. You can use and decorate mason jars and fill them with these delicious treats, or even use them in arts and craft projects to collect paper notes and write down things to be grateful for. This can include your family, friends, clothes, your home, and other special things, and will be an especially nice touch on the table.

5. Make sure your family has their most current immunizations and flu shots: This will be especially important as we enter the fall and winter months, and can help your family and loved ones safely get through this health crisis.

6. Collect recipes from family members and friends: Make a cookbook and fill it with recipes that are meaningful to you, and write down on a recipe card where the recipe came from, or what family member is known for it.
You can use these recipe cards and make different sections in the cookbook for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and desserts: