Imagine this: you’re a young man who is about to turn 16 years old and are invited to a secret indoor party at your friend’s house while their parents are away, and all of your friends know that this is the place to be for the weekend as they pile their way into the unattended, parent-free home with drinks, food, and party games and entertainment.       What you don’t realize at the time is something that can nearly cost you your life, because some of your friends at the party have been cooped up in their houses for months on end due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has kept them indoors, and they are anxious to have some time to themselves to let loose and have a party.     Now fast forward a week or so from the party’s date.     This is very different, because you did not know that one or two of your friends who attended the party a month ago did indeed have the virus, and had it when they attended the party a month earlier. They started noticing that something was wrong before being invited to the party, but since they were so anxious to get out of the house to attend the “party of the year,” they did not realize that now they were bringing the virus with them to the gathering, for others to catch.  Now, all of your close friends and acquaintances that you know from school are currently under care at the hospital, and are displaying shortness of breathing and fevers well above 98.6 degrees. As you start to make sense out of everything that is going on, you suddenly realize that your friends are in the hospital and on medication and ventilators, and are being treated for a virus that spreads from person to person, all because of a party that they decided to have, which affected others and has now led to a full investigation as well to determine the details of this event and what happened.    They didn’t realize the importance of putting things on a scale.  To do this, teenagers and other adolescents should try to think about and map out or write the pros and cons of having such an event, and what the consequences could be on a long-term basis.  People who have been affected by the coronavirus have faced detrimental side-effects well after they were treated for the virus, and we are aware of the effects of the virus on people who have weaker immune systems and other pre-existing conditions, such as asthma and other health issues they had before catching the virus.  Now, they are facing organ and heart failure and other long-term consequences that people are facing well after being treated for the virus.  Yes, the daily struggles may continue well after the virus has left the body, and there are people who will have to live with those consequences for the rest of their lives due to the decisions they make today.    So, whether it is an invitation to a secret party, a riot or protesting event, or another group gathering, teenagers and young adults need to stop and think about the long-term consequences that they may face due to the choices they make today.  If there are large group gatherings that are being planned, then there is more of a risk of someone being infected by the virus and spreading it, which will affect many for the immediate and long-term future.  And yes, it’s cool to be safe.