Allow us to work with you to help your students succeed! Our role is to service students with disabilities in need of the extra academic support to help them stay afloat in their mainstream general education classrooms.  We use various educational methods backed by research best-practices to ensure that all of our students progress at the best rates possible.  We hand-pick our providers, and we are always there to handle any situations which may arise when you need us.  

Our program really benefits the entire school setting since it gives the students an opportunity to learn at their own level in small group settings, which enables them to build the confidence to succeed in school and in all areas! 

To hear more details about how our dedicated agency can work with your school- and how you can always keep your students a step ahead- please contact us at any time using the form below.  We would be glad to set up a meeting to further discuss how we can help get the most out of the DOE’s services and have your students advance more than ever before! 

What Our Teachers Offer


We follow the guidelines and standards set forth in the Common Core State Teaching Standards, or other recommended curriculum guidelines, to prepare students to take state standardized examinations, including the Regents examination, TACHS, or other statewide examinations.  Whenever practical, we proctor students who require additional test time or other accommodations according to the guidelines set forth in their Individualized Education Service Plans (IESP) or IEP Guidelines. We also offer helpful advice and research-based strategies to help students with testing anxiety. 

English Language Arts:

Our teachers utilize a variety of materials to instruct students and to assess that learning has taken place. Reading instruction concentrates on Phonics, including decoding and encoding skills, as well as reading comprehension skills.  Writing instruction improves upon spelling, grammar, organization, and print and overall writing skills.  The use of available resources, including how to use a dictionary and a thesaurus, along with teaching students how to read for understanding using context clues and other reading strategies, helps to foster academic independence for all students, which is our ultimate goal.  


Our program uses the Common Core State Teaching Standards, or other preferred curriculum, to enhance Mathematics instruction for all learners by tailoring instruction to meet each individual student’s needs.  We utilize a hands-on approach to learning that creates personalized approaches and leads to results for all students.

We can help you help your students