Apple Macintosh computers have been around for many years, but the requirements 

for teaching online classes using Apple computers are different than that of a regular pc computer.  Along with having different programs that can only be used on Apple computers, such as Microsoft Office Home and Student for Apple Computers, Apple computers also have programs that come pre-installed and ready to use with each computer, such as GarageBand for making music, Safari for basic internet surfing, Pages for writing papers and adding illustrations, Numbers for creating charts and graphs, and other applications that come with every Apple computer. Since these applications, along with a webcam, come standard with many Apple computers, the requirements needed for online learning are different than other types of computers, and may require less external or outer equipment. Many applications that Apple computers use are meant to be used intuitively with either the Apple iPad laptop or the Apple desktop computer. 

  An internet connection can either be setup using a home WiFi internet connection, which is wireless, or can be setup using a direct wire, such as an Ethernet cable for Apple computers.  An Ethernet cable provides a more stable type of connection to the internet, especially for online teaching purposes.  To connect to the internet directly using an Ethernet cable, go to the System Preferences menu and click on the Network icon under the Internet and Network menu.  Then, from the list of connections on the left, click on Ethernet. Click on configuration if you choose to configure the connection, such as saving it as a default connection, and click Apply.  This will help you to configure your internet connection using an Ethernet cable.   

  It is important to establish a reliable internet connection, especially for online teaching and learning.  Once an internet connection is determined, which can be setup using your home WiFi internet connection on the Apple computer, you will have to choose a network to join to get onto the internet. Once you have chosen the network from the list shown, enter the password for that network, and click join.  This information should have been provided to you when setting up your initial internet connection, and you should keep the internet network and your password in a safe password book. 

  You will also need a headset with a built in microphone to use for online teaching on an Apple computer.  A wired connection using a USB cord is usually the most reliable type of headset to buy, since it plugs directly into the computer’s USB port.  Or, for a wireless connection, a Bluetooth headset will work since it can be paired for use with regular Apple desktop or iPad/laptop computers. The type of headset and microphone combination that you select will also be important for online teaching and learning purposes, as some headsets have better sound quality than others.  The webcam is built into the Apple computer for students to see you.

  If you are using an Apple iPad computer, which is designed for accessibility and is lightweight for carrying, you will be using the Schoolwork application. The Schoolwork “app” was made specifically for Apple iPad users, and helps teachers assign lessons and homework, hand out assignments, and keep track of student work and due dates all in one application.  Assignments can be handed out for an entire class, or for individual students using the application who require more individualized support in a skill area, such as understanding short division concepts before moving on to long division. 

  Once the teacher assigns work, the assignment automatically appears on each student’s iPad device, and is organized by class and due date.  The Schoolwork application is available on Apple iPad computers that use operating system 13.5 or later, and a guide is provided here

  There are other popular applications that can be used with Apple desktop computers.  One such application is Classroom for Apple Desktop computers, which also allows teachers to assign classwork to students using an iPad or a regular desktop computer.  This application is more versatile in that it can be used on an iPad or a desktop computer, and is very popular for both types of computers.  On an iPad, a student can either join a class automatically once it becomes available, or manually join from their iPad device in the Settings tab on their iPad. Here is a guide for using the Classroom application on an iPad:

  On an Apple desktop computer, go to the System Preferences menu option, and from there you will see the Classroom application.  From that menu, students can add their name and information for the class they are enrolled in. A student can then join a class either manually or automatically for each class that is listed, and all of their work is saved for each class they are enrolled in using the iCloud storage application or on a flash drive using a USB port that plugs into the computer.  An Apple ID will be required to sign into each device for security purposes, such as an iPad.  Here is a guide for using the Classroom application on both Apple iPad and Desktop computers: