Cyberbullying is when other people, including teenagers and young adults, engage in harmful and malicious attacks over the internet, by phone, or using other electronic devices to shame and humiliate others.  It is most commonly found in schools that serve older students, such as junior high and high school students, and can have damaging effects for students as they grow up.

The following are some helpful tips to make yourself less of a target for cyberbullying and do well in school:

✩ Have less of an online presence: cyberbullies only bully others who are active on online sites and social media platforms, such as Facebook and other popular sites. By spending less time on social media and posting pictures and other personal information about yourself, you are actually limiting the odds of being cyberbullied and talked about online.  Also, many employers now check social media sites to get a sense of who they are hiring, so it may be a good thing to limit the kinds of posts you make online for your future job prospects.

✩ Set a certain amount of time for online activities, and stick to it: by doing this, not only will you limit your online presence to make it harder to be bullied, but you’ll also have more time for outdoor games and activities once h.w. is all done.

✩ Don’t overshare about yourself: oversharing makes it easier to be teased online.

✩ Remember that everything you post on the internet says a lot about who you are as a person, and stays on the internet for everyone to see: when a cyberbully posts cruel comments and says bad things about a person or others, it says a lot about who they are as a person more than anything.  Also, cyberbullies may be jealous of the talents and characteristics that other students have, and may make fun of them because of these special talents and abilities that they lack.  Remember this and try and use it to your advantage when dealing with cyberbullies.

✩ Completely ignore the cyberbully and let them move on: by ignoring the cyberbully, you are actually telling them in a very non-verbal way that you will not even entertain their nonsense and bullying, and although you may see a rise in the behavior at first (“why are you ignoring me, fight back!”), eventually you will see a drop in the behavior, and the cyberbully will move on to another target.

✩ Have a strong social group of friends and family members who you can rely on: this will help because bullies normally like to bully others who are alone and isolated, so being a part of a circle of friends or family members will help to protect you from the cyberbully and their jokes.

✩ Block their account from even contacting you.  This is an effective way to deal with cyberbullies. Remember to save any comments as evidence.

✩ Notify the police if the cyberbullying becomes disruptive or dangerous.