Directions: Test your knowledge and pick the best choice for each question: 

  1. This holiday follows 7 principles to live by: 
    A. Hanukkah B. Christmas C. Kwanzaa
  1. This holiday celebrates by using a kinara, or candleholder, during its celebrations:
    A. Kwanzaa   B. New Year’s Eve   C. Christmas Day 
  1. A_________ is used to celebrate Hanukkah by lighting candles on this item for each of the 8 days of this Jewish holiday: 
  1. A. Kinara candleholder B. Colorful Candlestick C. Menorah
  1. This holiday is celebrated on December 1st, right after Thanksgiving, and is used to help people in their communities: 
  1. A. Christmas Day B. Giving Tuesday C. New Year’s Eve 
  1. This is one of the seven rules that people who celebrate Kwanzaa live by:                               
  1. A. Unity  B. Celebrations C. Technology Skills
  1. This festive holiday celebrates the season with 8 nights of small gifts being given to children and family members in this Jewish faith: 
  1. Christmas Day   B. Hanukkah  C. Kwanzaa
  1. This type of meal is served at a traditional Christmas dinner: 
  1. A. Latke Potato Pancakes B. Seven Fishes Dinner  C. Cole Slaw
  1. A dragon dances through the streets on (Hanukkah/Chinese New Year).