Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a fairly new holiday celebration and is celebrated on December 1st every year, and thousands of people all over the world engage in acts of kindness to make the world a better, more caring place for each other. 

From delivering goods to the needy, to going grocery shopping for the elderly, Giving Tuesday is all about giving back to the people in your local community. 

There are many ways that children, families, and other individuals can get involved in their communities to make it a better place to live where people are associating with others and making a positive influence in their daily lives, and people who regularly give back to their communities and help others often find that it is very enriching to do so not only for the lives of others, but for their own lives as well. People can also come to appreciate all that they have, and learn more about others’ needs and how they may differ from their own.  

An example is when Oprah, a highly successful television host, was considering opening up a school, and decided that it would be best to open a school in a different country, because those children did not have any books or pencils. 

So, with that idea in mind, she opened a school in a high-need area, and the children thrived with the basic school supplies that they were given, as their needs were very different from other more affluent and well off middle-class families. 


People who celebrate Giving Tuesday usually have one cause, or many causes, that are special to them, and children and families who want to celebrate this holiday, which is marked on the calendar and celebrated on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, have many ways of doing so.  People can celebrate by helping others in the neighborhood, such as going grocery shopping for others, helping out with child-care tasks, gardening or maintaining someone’s lawn or property, or even collecting a neighbor’s mail while they are away. There are many ways to get involved for Giving Tuesday, and you may even find that helping others and volunteering in your neighborhood can be fun on other days as well. 

For teenagers and young adults about to enter college or the work world, Giving Tuesday can give them a chance to volunteer in their communities in a certain field, such as students who are interested in botany, which is the study of plants and flowers, and having them volunteer their time at a local florist shop to gain experience in this nature-loving field. For teenagers and young adults who are interested in teaching and education, Giving Tuesday can provide opportunities to volunteer as a tutor or instructor in their community for local schoolchildren, and all of these experiences can provide ways to enter certain fields of interest. 

Just follow the personal website link here to find a cause that is important to you, and make a difference on Giving Tuesday!