Halloween is on October 31, 2020 this year and happens to fall on a weekend this month, and many children, families and young adults will be eager to celebrate this spooktakular holiday. Here are some Halloween tips and advice, and a match up game as well, to make Halloween a safe and enjoyable event this year:

  1. Going trick or treating from door to door may be a very uncertain thing this year, as people in other homes may be recovering from being sick with a cold, flu, or even the virus that has affected thousands of people around our communities.  Instead of going trick or treating from door to door this year, children can have a monster bash at home with some of their closest friends and family members, as long as temperatures have been taken and children are well.  Children can even stay in their own sleeping bags and have snacks and treats labeled just for them (no sharing!), watch movies, dance to music and tell ghost stories, all while knowing everyone at home is safe and well.
  2. One of the most memorable things children and families can do around Halloween is go to amusement parks and enjoy the many hayrides, games, food and amusements that the park has to offer, but this may look very different this year, as amusement parks may only allow a certain amount of people into the park for safety reasons, to help limit the number of people who can be affected by or spread the virus. To plan a trip to an amusement park this month, ask about the park’s rules and procedures as far as hand washing, social distancing, and mask rules are concerned, and make sure the park is following the proper rules and procedures to help keep everybody safe. It’s ok to follow the rules and be safe with your health!
  3. Sign up for a class in your own neighborhood: this can be anything from pumpkin carving, to making your own friendship bracelets, to learning how to make and paint a wooden chest for treasures and keepsake items.

These events are usually held locally in neighborhoods, and many arts and crafts stores will have specialty classes such as these for children and young adults at reasonable prices for all to enjoy in a comfortable space.

  1. Play Halloween Games that are Socially-Distanced: Games that are socially distanced means that the games are played at least 6 feet apart from each other, this way if anyone is sick you will not be close to them.  Children over two years of age can play games wearing masks to help contain their germs. Board games are always a safe bet for now, along with freeze dance, safe carving activities with pumpkins (ask an adult), baking with safety procedures and an adult if needed, and decorating the home for Halloween. Children and adolescents can also make their own costumes using their own clothes and garments at home to help save money on Halloween costumes.
  2. Children and young adults who celebrate Halloween do so because it is a fun and entertaining holiday that allows them to get dressed up and become someone else for a day (or longer!) and have fun in the excitement of the events, but many children and young adolescents may not realize that some people use this holiday to play cruel jokes and games on others. This may include anything from putting things into the candy, to offering children dangerous toys and treats that will hurt them, so it is important to keep in mind that there are people who will use this holiday to play mean tricks on children and others, and to be safe not only this year, but every year.

Halloween Match-Up

Some of the activities listed here are much safer to play than others, especially during this virus outbreak.  Match the following games and activities listed below to the correct box as being a high-risk activity or a low-risk activity:

  1. Playing freeze dance indoors:
  2. Going trick or treating outside:
  3. Playing video games inside with a group of friends:
  4. Going to an amusement park that allows many people to enter:
  5. Carving pumpkins with a sharp cutting tool and no adult present:
  6. Not following any of the the Halloween safety tips in this article or others:

Answers to Halloween Match-Up

  1. As long as freeze dance is played with a group of children who are well, and have normal temperatures, it should be safe to play as an indoor game, just be sure to select music that is appropriate for dancing, and make sure children are spaced apart (low-risk).
  2. Going trick or treating outside may pose a considerable risk this year with the virus outbreak, as children may not be aware of other people’s health statuses (high-risk).
  3. Playing video games inside with a group of friends is ok, as long as they do not have high temperatures, are sitting apart from one another, and are well enough to play (low-risk).
  4. Going to an amusement park that allows many people to enter is a high-risk activity because you may not know who is sick or who is well, and what types of contacts others may have had before they came to the amusement park. Also, any amusement park that allows anyone to enter and does not limit the number of people who can come in is creating an unsafe environment for all people (high-risk).
  5. Depending on your age, carving pumpkins with a sharp cutting tool and no adult present is a high-risk activity for children, but safe for adults to engage in (high-risk for kids).
  6. Not following any of the safety tips outlined in this article or others is definitely a high-risk activity!