Online Learning for all general education classes and other types of classes does present its challenges, especially for those who are completely new to this mode of learning.  Here are some helpful safety tips for those engaged in online learning activities: 

  1. It is especially important for online learners to be familiar with the sites they are using.  It may be beneficial for regularly used sites to be added as a “favorite site” on the internet tab.  To do this, open up your internet icon browser by double clicking on the icon on the computer, such as Google Chrome or another icon.  Then, click on the star tab at the top of the page to make the page a favorite page, and add it to the list of favorite internet sites.  It may also be helpful to make separate bookmark folders to save different types of sites, such as education sites and gaming sites.  To do this, right click on the top of the bar and go to “add folder.”  Then, type in a name for that folder, and make sure that all of the internet sites fit in with that category.  Then, click save.  Teachers will find it more efficient for their students to access sites that are regularly used by creating a list of favorite educational sites, especially to help deter mistakes made in typing internet addresses, and to help minimize distractions.  It is also useful to keep any usernames and passwords used for educational sites in an actual password book. 
  2. Taking regular breaks from online learning can be very helpful for health and wellness purposes for both students and teachers.  By doing so, students can take time to reflect upon learning processes more effectively, and this break time is helpful for both in-person and online classroom learning.  It also helps to prevent physical discomfort that can be caused by sitting in one position for prolonged periods of time, along with other health conditions that may accompany too many hours of online learning. 
  3. Having a comfortable chair for support will be a necessary piece of equipment for online learning experiences, especially one that comes with ergonomic support for the best efficiency and comfort for schoolwork and daily lessons.